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Will I Be A Healthy Senior?

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She’s not a senior she’s my mom!   Part of my regular routine now involves looking after my mom and it’s not so much “caring for her” as it is “caring about her” and it’s turning out to be quite fun!  It’s also making me pay attention to my own health in a new way.  How do I see myself as a senior? Let’s face it, ain’t none of us getting any younger!

Do you think of what it’s going to be like when you’re a senior?  I know I didn’t.  But now I’m planning, learning, asking about the future in a very new way.  Is the advice and care that is given seniors the best it can be and do I believe it is the only way?  Can I (you) be a better advocate?  These are new waters and I am approaching it with an open mind but a firm heart.  After all this is my Mom we’re talking about!

A day in a seniors life

  • Community Living
  • The day to day
  • Navigating a medical mindfield
  • Having fun

A few years ago my mom decided to move into a senior’s residence.  We (the family) thought it was a great idea. It’s a lovely residence with community rooms, activities, outings and a well balanced meal plan.  But that same community brings it’s own challenges.  So many people in close quarters sharing not only their stories but their struggles and of course their illnesses.

So many medications, so many aids.  It becomes a dialogue about what’s wrong and not about what’s right.

Reminding Mom about her own healthy choices and staying positive.  In fact grabbing a hold of what’s positive and building on it and trying to share that message.  Being a senior dosen’t mean blindly accepting the rhetoric.  A healthy mindset is paramount to a healthy outlook as we age.

Unfortunately, after several health challenges over the years, she is also managing a lot of different medications.  While I get that these help her through the crisis, it also takes a toll on the body.  What are the strategies for building it back up?  Making her body the best it can be.  Then there is the question, “is it too late for her?”


The human body is a remarkable thing, as long as you are breathing and as long as your heart is beating you have the chance to heal yourself.  Immune system building needs to be part of the arsenal!  Exercise, even walking in the fresh air.  Laughter!  I am a big believer that positivity can heal anything!  But positivity without ACTION is limited.

But how do we change people who are set in their ways?  How do you change someone who has done something the same way for so long?

You don’t.  They do.

Changing the way someone behaves, acts or functions starts with a change in the belief system they hold (And yes – old folks can change too).  In order to change your ways, you need to look at the problem from a different perspective.  Let’s zoom out (think upper atmosphere) and look at the situation without judgement, and be objective.

We all think we are going to break down as we age. Here are a few ‘holes’ in that belief system.

Your arthritic left hip is the same age as your right hip.  Why isn’t your right hip arthritic?

Your body is genetically programmed to live to be 120 years old (proven in science).  Why did your gall bladder only last 40 years?  Bad luck?

If you cut your finger at 85 years of age, it still heals from the inside-out.  As does ALL healing.  You have to understand that your body is always on the job, helping you function.  Your choices/decisions determine how efficiently your body heals.  You have influence over the strength of your healing ability through the choices you make.  It changes the narrative from ‘victim’ (we all break down as we age) to victor.

But it starts with a change in mindset.

Do you have a family member who is struggling to see this for themselves?


 After seeking chiropractic help in her twenty’s for the usual (and expected –or so I thought) lower back issues that go with horseback riding, she experienced a new level of health.  Not only has she made chiropractic a regular part of her life but she has made a commitment to changing her lifestyle and coaches others how to do the same.  She is an avid outdoors person.  You can find her walking her beagle, biking, painting and drinking great coffee.  Her true passion is riding horses and has been a competitive rider/jumper for years.