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Don’t fail yourself

We have a teenager in our house this week!

Our daughter Kate turned 13 this week. As I reflect on the milestone, I recall my own foray in to my teens and the subsequent learning and growth I had. I thought what advice would I have loved to have been given when I did. So I shared my thoughts with her and now here for each of you.

As you stand on the starting line of becoming a young woman, I thought there are some things you need to know before you begin.

Know what matters to you

Take time to know what and who matters to you. Your friends, family and supporters all want you to win but not at the cost of losing your sense of yourself. Only ever hang out with people who celebrate you and never hang out with people who tolerate you.

Keep promises to yourself

This took me 44 years to figure out. When I’ve promised myself something and committed to doing it, it has made all the difference in my self-esteem and confidence. When I don’t, I beat myself up. Whether its making a phone call, showing up on time, completing that project or doing something that inspires you, keep your promise to yourself and watch how it changes you.

Fall in love with making mistakes

Rather than beat yourself up, learn that every thing in life is an opportunity to grow. Without failing once in a while you can’t learn. Just like when you learned to ride your bike, you had to fall a few times to know how to stay up. Be patient and always know that you are allowed to fail.

Say yes to new experiences

Always be willing to try new things. Find new places to explore. New forms of art to enjoy. New foods, sports, friends, whatever. Enjoy learning and appreciating how wonderful the world is and how much you’ve never seen of it.

Be patient with your body

As your body changes, you’ll think you are the coolest kid in town and perhaps the next day feel like you are a ‘demi-gorgan’. So, take care of your body. For years, I would play sports hurt or ignore what my body was trying to tell me. Now, I wished I had only listened.

Be grate-full

Take time every day to give thanks to all of the people and things that you have in your life. Start and finish your day with a couple of thoughts of gratitude for the abundance in your life. It makes all the difference in how you see the world.

Give to receive

When you give, you get. Where your energy goes, your energy flows. When you think negative thoughts, more negative stuff shows up in your life. When you think positive thoughts and act on them, you get more abundance in your life. When you are generous with your time and talents, you get more in return. Know when you need to say no, but don’t be shy in giving more either when it matches your values.

Be. Do. Have

When you want to HAVE things in your life, you have to DO the things necessary and in order to do those things, your first have to BE that person. Never compromise yourself and always stay true to being you.

You are incredible and I am so honored to be there alongside you thought it all.

Love dad.

Dr. Craig Hazel’s mission is to help families THRIVE. After graduating from Queen’s University with a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Physical and Health Education, he went on to earn a Doctor of Chiropractic degree and a Bachelor of Science in Anatomy from Parker College of Chiropractic in Dallas Texas. He is passionate about seeing children and families in his private practice at Synergy Chiropractic in Kanata Ontario. A sought after speaker, he has been featured regularly on TSN Team 1200, CTV and Rogers TV. He is also the Chairman of the Alliance for Chiropractic of Ontario.