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What’s your cold/flu fighting plan?

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Do you have a cold flu fighting strategy?  I’m going to admit it! I’m one of those people who always gets a good old cold, often several a winter and ones that like to stick around!

So this cold season I’m taking action!  It’s more than just proactive, I mean business.  I have set about making myself a plan that is focused on being

Put cold and flu season to rest

cold/flu free! There is so much information available on colds and flus, what not to do and what to do.  What’s true?  What’s bogus?  I think it really depends on the individual.  There are so many factors: gender, age, medications, lifestyle, physical activity and public exposure, to name a few.

So here’s my plan!

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Children and Emotional Stress

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Emotional Stress

Emotional Stress can be debilitating on a child and affect them in all aspects of life.

Adults tend to view the world of kids as happy and carefree. What do kids have to worry about anyway? The problem is, emotional stress in children is getting worse and taking its toll.

Every child feels stress and has worries at some time in their life. Their stress can come from outside sources such as family, friends, school, or internal stress from demands placed upon oneself. We have to realize children have problems too, and we have to take these problems seriously. Stress may be the number one cause of nerve system stress (subluxation) in our children. Subluxations may have devastating effects to their development, performance and health.

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Why Are Our Kids So Sick

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Why are kids always sick these days?

When I was in school, there was one kid in my class who had asthma.  She would need her puffer once or twice throughout the school day.  No one thought much about it.

Nowadays, it seems that there is only a few kids in any given class who doesn’t have asthma or some significant allergy to something like nuts or seeds.  Our children’s classrooms are potentially life-threatening to some of these kids.

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