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The cat-cow exercise is great to ease the stiffness of the spine. Simple but effective.

Can even do this one seated in a chair!

–Dr. Craig

Low back strengthening exercise


In this video, I’ll show you a simple exercise to do to strengthen the muscles of the low back.

If you have a disc herniation go easy on this one. Perhaps reduce the height of the chest off the floor and start with small movements.

  • Dr Craig

Health in 3D


How will your health be at the end of this period of isolation?

Have gained weight?
Clearer minded?

I’ve asked myself the same question.  Sure, I could easily just drink and eat more, or I can hold a vision of what I want my health to be like when this period ends.

Let’s focus on what we can control and and how we can control it!

— Dr Craig

Dr Craig’s 5 Minute low back fix

Be Fit

“Doc, what do I do when I’ve put my back out?”

Here is a little ‘reset’ for the hips and pelvis when things feel out of sorts. Simple and easy to do anywhere. Great to do prior to a golf game, before and after a long drive or whenever you aren’t feeling great in the low back.