Synergy Chiropractic

Pesky Rib Pain

Occasionally from sitting your ribs may begin to feel tight and stiff causing pain into your mid back. This is a nice and easy to do anywhere stretch that can ease some of the tensions that have built up.

— Dr. Craig

Hip/leg stretch sciatica

Taking a page out of yoga with this stretch. Wonderful stretch to loosen up the fascia from the hip and down the leg to the foot. If you have a history of sciatica – go easy and slowly progress towards a straight leg in the stretch.

Neck stretches

Tight, stiff neck muscles from sitting and using mobile devices, computers, or driving can lead to pain into the shoulders and head. Simple stretch that you can do anywhere you sit.

— Dr. Craig


Our breath is one of the most powerful ways that you can relax and calm the nervous system. In this video, we look at an easy way to use our breath to help us relax, sleep, and calm.


Dr Craig Hazel