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Low back strengthening exercise

In this video, I’ll show you a simple exercise to do to strengthen the muscles of the low back.

If you have a disc herniation go easy on this one. Perhaps reduce the height of the chest off the floor and start with small movements.

  • Dr Craig

Health in 3D

How will your health be at the end of this period of isolation?

Have gained weight?
Clearer minded?

I’ve asked myself the same question.  Sure, I could easily just drink and eat more, or I can hold a vision of what I want my health to be like when this period ends.

Let’s focus on what we can control and and how we can control it!

— Dr Craig

Dr Craig’s 5 Minute low back fix

“Doc, what do I do when I’ve put my back out?”

Here is a little ‘reset’ for the hips and pelvis when things feel out of sorts. Simple and easy to do anywhere. Great to do prior to a golf game, before and after a long drive or whenever you aren’t feeling great in the low back.

Shoulder Mobility with Broomstick

In this video, you’ll use a simple broom stick to help mobilize the trunk, shoulders and spinal bones. Simple warm up exercise to prepare you do just about anything. Great for gardening prep, sport performance or improving general mobility.

–Dr. Craig