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Move By Design Episode One

Be Fit

Movement is LIFE!

We all need to move. Our lives depend on it.

Most often, people tell me:

“I don’t have time to exercise”

“My ______ hurts too much to allow me to exercise”

“I hate going to the gym”

There are many reasons why people struggle with staying active.

Last week, Dr. MacPhee and I dove into the reasons why and the ways to get moving by changing how we look at movement.​



Pandemic Pounds Recovery Program Episode 3

Eat Right

In this episode, we dive into the truth about grains.

Please – whatever you do, don’t shoot the messenger.

Whenever I’ve given talks about nutrition, this topic raises eyebrows and creates some tension. I have to admit it too….it was hard for me to accept too.

Grains are not a food by design for humans.

Now don’t get me wrong, when I grew up, they were a huge part of my diet and they are super addictive.

But now, when they enter my diet, I tend to go overboard on them. Every few months they creep in some how or another.

Once I break the chains and get them out of my diet, I can’t believe what I notice.

  • Less inflammation
  • Less digestive upset
  • More sustained energy
  • Better sleep

All because I’ve cut them out of my diet. In this week’s episode, we will dive into much ado about grains.

We’ll discuss them in a historical sense and why working towards limiting them your diet is in your best interest.


Eat By Design – Pandemic Pounds Recovery Program Part 2

Eat Right

Yesterday we had a great session talking about the Big Fat Lie.

If you are like me, you’ve no doubt had less activity in the past seven weeks than usual. I’ve gained a few pounds myself as a result of it.

I the past week, I’ve dialed in my own personal nutrition to get things on track. I’ve used the principles we discuss here to get refocused and this webinar is going to help you too!

The lie we’ve been told about is how evil fat in our diet is.

In this episode we dive into:

The three myths about fat
Why fat doesn’t make you fat (and who the real culprit is)
How you can get more high quality fat into you diet.

Dr. Craig

Regeneration Routine – Part 3/3

Be Fit

In this third and final video, we tie together the exercises that we did in Parts 1 and 2 and put it all together for one 8 minute series.

For the first half, you will need a short length of rope, a towel, or a yoga strap.

Join me in giving our joints some gentle movement.

~ Dr C