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Regeneration Routine Part 1

Regeneration – so good for the joints after a great hike, workout, yard work or simply as an active recovery on a day off from training.

This simple Active Assisted stretching Routine is simple and easy to do anywhere. Hotel room, gym, at home or anywhere.

To do this, you will need a small length of rope, a belt, a band or even a towel will work.

Do 8 reps of each movement.


Balance is important in life. Whether you are a weekend warrior, grandmother, child on a playground or moving around your yard, being able to move your body efficiently and carefully on different surfaces is critical to staying safe and upright.

We look at what has a huge impact on your ability to maintain good balance.


Bird Dog

This classic exercise helps with core strength and balance/stability.

When performing, focus on keeping the core tight and braced the entire time.

–Dr Craig


The cat-cow exercise is great to ease the stiffness of the spine. Simple but effective.

Can even do this one seated in a chair!

–Dr. Craig