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Are grains good for you?

Eat Right

In recent years, there has been a tremendous surge in chatter about grains. Many people are choosing to avoid them in their diets for many reasons.

– Is the Keto diet right for me?
– Is Paleo the way to live?
– Grains are essential!

There are so many differing opinions that it can be difficult to determine what’s right and what’s wrong.

In this week’s episode, we dive into the subject of GRAINS. We will look at what the research says and help direct you through the ocean of information for and against them.

The big FAT lie!

Eat Right

If Shakespeare was a nutritionist, he likely would have written a comedy called Much Ado About Fat.

For years, dietary fat has been vilified. We’ve been told to stay away from consuming fat for fear of heart disease.

Truth is – all fats are NOT created equal.

In this week’s episode of our EAT BY DESIGN WEBINAR SERIES, we’ll expose the lie and help you to navigate the ocean of information that is out there.

Which fats are best for cooking?
Which fats are best for my brain?
Can fats help reduce and limit inflammation?


Why is Healthy Eating so Complicated?


If you were one of many (including me! 🤣) who lost your internet signal on Thursday during the webinar, not to worry!
We re-recorded the second half of the content and the link is below to watch at your leisure.

Up next week is part 2 of the Eat By Design Webinar Series: The big Fat Lie.

You’ll receive an invite email the day before so be on the lookout for that!

Happy Sunday!
Dr Craig

PS. if any questions come up please feel free to reply to this email and we’ll add them to the Q&A at the end of next week’s webinar.

Think By Design Episode 2

Think Well

Our webinar on Thursday ended abruptly before we could wrap things up properly.

The big takeaway: Our Beliefs determines our Actions which shapes our Results.‚Äč

In this episode we discussed health.

Our current health is (almost) entirely the product of our past actions and behaviours.

And these actions are based on your beliefs, whether conscious or unconscious.

Our behaviors (actions) never lie.

If you don’t like your results, look at your actions.

The challenge is that many of our actions and behaviours are unknowingly based on false or inaccurate beliefs.

For many, being healthy means “feeling good”. But on closer inspection, health is MUCH more than that.

There are literally hundreds of illnesses that show no symptoms. (i.e. high blood pressure, cancer, heart disease, etc).

Your homework this week – ask yourself:

1. What is health? What does it mean to be healthy?

2. What is the vision for my health?

3. Why do I want to be healthy?

4. What action steps do I need to take daily to make sure that I achieve my vision of great health?